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What does the Future of Financial Services Look Like?

As part of our 2019 OPEX in Financial Services industry report, we asked 200 senior executives to predict the factors that will shape the future of the industry. Watch the video below or read on to find out what they shared:

"Non-traditional competitors are going to be the biggest threat to established players."
"Streamlining technology. There can be multiple systems in one company. It is necessary to bring them all together before the real work of process improvements can begin."
"The rise of the automated employee."

"Blockchain shows the potential of becoming a dominant feature."

"Process re-design, innovation and automation."
"The blending of Operational Excellence with agile cultures."
"Change Management."
"The action of governments in allowing non-professional and non-regulated competition."
"All facets of professional and personal life will be impacted or modified by digitization. The power of RPA, AI, the Internet of Things and Blockchain will make it telling in the future."
"Data Management."
"AI & Predictive Analytics."
"The Digital Era."
"Credit Risk Management and Regulations."
"There will be disruption from non-financial companies that are leveraging on expertise, the strength of process, client experience and a lack of legacy IT constraints."
"Artificial Intelligence applied to RPA solutions."
"RPA. Done right."
"The automation of processes will be key for a retail bank."
"Robotics is gaining traction, but it’s the wise use of machine learning and artificial intelligence that will generate truly transformational change."

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