March 18 - 20, 2019 | The Roosevelt, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New Orleans, LA

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A customer-centric focus to revolutionize your business through people, process and technology.2019 FULL Event Guide Now Available!70+ financial services industry expert speakers

2019 World Class Resources

Diversity & Inclusion: Financial Services’ Secret Weapon?

Access this exclusive content piece to learn more about Amita’s personal experiences with D&I in the financial services industry, as well as:The statistics that demonstrate how nurturing D&I can significantly boost your bottom-lineThe current status and impact of D&I in US companies todayActionable steps for fostering a culture D&I within...

What is Driving OPEX in Financial Services?

Financial Services are evolving. Featuring OPEX in Financial Services speakers Manas Tripathy of Citi, Alisha Kale of Wells Fargo and Doney Largey of AIG, this new digital content piece reveals how industry leaders are tackling the new drivers and fresh challenges of today’s rapidly changing world.

Digital Transformation and the Customer

Customer experience and enthusiastic employee engagement are key to successful digital transformation. Here, Michael Cordas, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business Transformation at City National Bank, explains how he is addressing both of these factors to ensure City National Bank’s readiness for the digitally connected world.Download this exclusive content piece to...

How OPEX can thrive in the age of Regulation

Aboubacar Cissokho, Head of Lean, Centre of Excellence, Discover Financial Services Keynote presentation at #OPEXFS 2018OPEX has a vital role to play in improving accuracy, delivery and efficiency in compliance. Discover has placed this at the top of its agenda. Aboubacar Cissokho, Head of Discover Networks Lean Center of Excellence...

Operational Excellence in Financial Services Industry Report

In the face of a rapidly competitive and uncertain global economic environment, PEX Network conducted a survey with over 200 senior financial services executives working in process and operational improvement to understand the key challenges, priorities and strategies for the coming year.Download and discover what the future holds for the...

Financial Services in the Digital Age

The financial services industry is transforming. With the advance of the digital era, those who occupy this space are facing new threats, new opportunities and a dire need to disrupt their approach to people, process and technology.  Discover the key facts and figures behind this rapidly evolving ecosystem, such as:50% of...

Behavioral Economics in Financial Services

Discover how you can apply the principles of behavioral economics to improve the customer experience of your business, as well as:What behavioral economics is, the key principles and real-life examples of their application in FSHow Michael Meyer, VP of Customer Experience and Operational Excellence at Greater New York Mutual Insurance...

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Attendee ROI Toolkit

Your one-stop-shop for justifying your attendance to OPEX in Financial Services 2019. Packet includes benefits of attending, attendee snapshot, dear boss letter and registration form.

Convince Your Boss Letter

Need help getting approval to attend OPEX in Financial Services? Customize this 'Convince Your Boss' letter, print it and share with your boss so that you can get the buy-in to attend the OPEX in Financial Services in March.

Who is attending OPEX in Financial Services 2019?

Take a look at some of the financial services institutions attending OPEX in Financial Services 2019 in New Orleans this March 

Crucial Insights

Transforming Banking Through Intelligent Automation

How Does RPA Become a Game-changer for Banking?RPA is all set to transform banking as we know it. Let’s discover how.RPA can help banks improve process efficiencies and enhance service quality, but for robotics to yield the desired result, banks will have to focus on these four aspects:Integrate robotics and...

Streamlining Bulk Loan Onboarding and Servicing Process Using Blockchain

A foolproof governance system enabled by blockchain can stem systemic misconductThe mortgage servicing and default management industry is under tremendous pressure to enhance its loan onboarding and servicing processes. Key priorities for industry players include containing costs, improving service levels, capturing new business, and increasing profitability, while ensuring  regulatory compliance....

2018 Featured Resources

Operational Excellence in Financial Services Strategy Report 2018

PEX Network conducted a survey in November 2017 with senior financial services executives to understand the key challenges, priorities and spend areas for 2018 and beyond.Download the 2018 Benchmarking Report to see the results of the survey, along with leading commentary and insight from key financial services experts.Key findings of...

Money Talks: Interview with Paymency's CEO

We chat to Gary Lewis Evans, CEO at Paymency, about the challenges and opportunities in emerging FS technologies. Gary will be speaking at OPEX FS in March 2018 about cultures, technology and process relating to his FS journey.Read on to find out:How a new type of bank is required in...

Operational Excellence in Financial Services Show Report 2018

Powered by the PEX Network, all the speakers, attendees, and sponsors at the Performance Excellence summit over three days made plans on how to strategize, execute and deliver operational excellence, improvement change to the financial services sector.  Download the Show Report to see the to see the key themes and...

Testing Times

Traditional financial institutions need to shape up to current age of automation challenges. New challengers are taking advantage of current emerging technologies and techniques to change the game. Find out what challenges fs business have in todays age of transformation, as well as what hurdles the disruptors are facing in...

The Digital Age of Insurance: Exclusive Interview with Ethniki Insurance

George Koutitsas, of Ethniki Insurance, talks the digital revolution in Insurance and how traditional institutions need to catch up.In this case study you will find:How Ethniki is digitizing its processes and working to appeal to its customersGDPR’s impact on the insurance sector when combined with existing regulationsThat machine-to-machine communications is...

North by Northwest - Exclusive interview with Danielle LaMancuso, Business Process Analyst, Continuous Improvement, Northwest

Exclusive interview with Danielle LaMancuso, Business Process Analyst, Continuous Improvement, NorthwestTalks about enterprise wide process improvements made by the CI team.  Automation used by the mortgage banking sector.How to overcome a reluctance to change by providing value.Predictions for the future of OPEX in FS