THE Financial Services Operational Excellence Heat Map

THE Financial Services Operational Excellence Heat Map

Financial services are undergoing rapid digital transformation, emerging technologies such as Blockchain and Robotic Process Automation present great challenges and opportunities for the industry. Coupled with an environment of low interest rates and increasing regulation, the need for better cost efficiency and compliance has never been greater.

Ahead of the Operational Excellence in Financial Services Summit in March 2017, the PEX Network have put together this exclusive heat map, which reveals the current state of operational excellence in financial services and the investments and trends that will drive the industry forward. With independent data gathered from research interviews and our PEX Network State of the Industry – Operational Excellence in FS Survey, this infographic provides a snapshot of the key priorities and areas of investment for Process Improvement and Operational Excellence programs in 2017 and beyond.

Download the infographic today and find out:

  • The biggest challenges in Operational Excellence talent management
  • The investment opportunities and trends driving Operational Excellence in financial services
  • Which technologies will be employed in 2017

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