Main Conference Day One

7:00 AM - 7:50 AM Registration & welcome coffee


Jon Theuerkauf

Managing Director and Head of Performance Excellence
BNY Mellon

Join Alex Balbontin, Former Head of Operational Excellence at Cerdit Suise for this insightful interview as he talks candidly about his experiences in driving operational excellence through a global bank.
  • Today’s political and regulatory environment and why OPEX is the key to driving profitability and value
  • Recognizing the opportunities for OPEX to add to the top line
  • The role of RPA and Artificial Intelligence in driving process efficiencies
  • Building a culture of innovation and growth


Alex Balbontin

Former Global Head of Operational Excellence and Business Process Management
Credit Suisse

Julian Ybarra

Continuous Improvement Lead – US, PEX Center of Expertise – PCBI

8:30 AM - 9:10 AM Delivering the strategic vision – how to achieve best-in-class capabilities in operational excellence

Marc Pauls, Senior Vice President, Strategy Manager - Wholesale Banking & Corporate Risk & Credit Divisions, Enterprise Global Strategy, Wells Fargo
Marc will take you through the high-level strategy in place at Wells Fargo which focuses on driving efficiency and effectiveness across all lines of business. How he builds the strategy and how he builds a function to deliver that strategy are two key take-aways you will glean from attending this session.
  • Developing and executing on business efficiency and effective strategies
  • Building the strategy and building the function to deliver on that vision
  • Developing customized solutions to support all lines of business


Marc Pauls

Senior Vice President, Strategy Manager - Wholesale Banking & Corporate Risk & Credit Divisions, Enterprise Global Strategy
Wells Fargo

9:10 AM - 9:50 AM Customer Excellence Spotlight : Fostering a culture of customer-centricity to achieve a step change in business performance

Karen Pascoe, Senior Vice President - Experience Design, Digital Payments & Labs, Mastercard
We live in a device based world and being customer-centric goes far beyond the phone! Progressive financial institutions are transforming their businesses to be customer focused and embracing the opportunities to service the customer through the varied and rapid rise in digital services. Karen will demystify the future digital services world and take you through the inspirational journey at Mastercard as it strives to provide better service to its consumers.
  • What it means to be customer-centric – the MasterCard transformation journey of putting the needs of the consumer at the heart of the organization
  • Demystifying digital services and devices designed for today’s mobile consumer
  • Connecting business strategy with deep customer insight
  • Rethinking how to deliver consumer and customer-facing experiences


Karen Pascoe

Senior Vice President - Experience Design, Digital Payments & Labs

9:50 AM - 10:20 AM Networking refreshment break in the exhibition hall


10:20 AM - 10:50 AM Bite size insight to drive business automation initiatives in financial services

Michael Lim, World Wide Business Unit Executive, Process Transformation, IBM
With the growing trends of FinTech companies focused on developing next-generation roboadvisors that better define savings solutions on the basis of goals and risk are transforming the Financial Services industry. Companies need to understand how to better leverage technology to gain greater insight on what customers want and adapt business operation and offerings to their needs. Hear how IBM is helping clients leverage cognitive computing (Watson) services,business process management, and decision management in small tactical ways to achieve large strategic goals...transformation one bite at a time


Michael Lim

World Wide Business Unit Executive, Process Transformation

10:50 AM - 11:30 AM RPA Spotlight : How Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is revolutionizing productivity and process improvement in ANZ Bank

Huw Pattinson, Business Solutions and Automation Leader, ANZ
Huw is driving the development of automation and robotics in the operations space at ANZ. Two years into their journey, Huw’s insight will divulge how ANZ has responded to the age of disruptors and sought to drive value from these platforms. Leading the charge on the right software, risk considerations and shaping the team around the new initiatives are just some of the insights Huw will impart.
  • How to get better value out of automation and robotics platforms and deliver significant performance improvement
  • Steps to take when determining what to automate and what not to automate – building a grass roots pipeline
  • Bridging the gap between legacy systems and the ‘age of disruption’
  • Seeking consensus within a global, disparate business, and shaping the team to deliver
  • KPIs and performance measurement to demonstrate success in your RPA journey


Huw Pattinson

Business Solutions and Automation Leader

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM Harnessing business intelligence (BI) and analytics to re-engineer business process

Peter Wallin, Head of Group Analytics, Hoist Finance Hannes Oeser, Managing Director, b5 solutions
The session will through examples detail the importance of applying data analytics to improve performance and efficiency in the daily business.

  • The development and application of REACH Operational Excellence to drive results at Hoist Finance – pillars, goals, and deployment
  • Use Case 1 – Setting the stage for data and BI-driven business process engineering
- Understanding value creation and determining its levers
  • Use Case 2 – Connecting action and forecast to drive business
- Demystifying operations holistically and use of data to drive value creation
  • Lessons learned after 18 months and future vision


Peter Wallin

Head of Group Analytics
Hoist Finance

Hannes Oeser

Managing Director
b5 solutions

12:10 PM - 2:00 PM Meet and greet lunch & networking for all attendees

Join us for lunch in the exhibition hall and partake in competitions and games for a chance to win great prizes as well as the great networking opportunities for meeting new contacts

Tailor make your own agenda! Choose the track most relevant to your current business agenda

Track A
Customer excellence

1:00 PM - 1:40 PM The next step in Voice of the Customer (VoC) analytics for strategic business decision-making

Leslie Henckler , Senior Business Process Improvement Manager, Paychex
Continuing the VoC journey with Paychex, we are pleased to welcome Leslie to the forum to detail how their strategy and data insight has moved light years in the past year. Leslie will detail how the data and information received is being used to set strategy and business decision-making.
  • VoC surveying and how to most effectively use the intelligence to retain a competitive edge
  • Employing the right technology to deliver exceptional client experience at the lowest cost
  • Incorporating components of Voice of the Employee (VoE) with VoC for strategic decision making – how do you actually use the information to make business decisions?


Leslie Henckler

Senior Business Process Improvement Manager

Track B
Robotics Process Automation

1:00 PM - 1:40 PM How robotics is changing the roadmap of the operational excellence journey in financial services

Huw Pattinson, Business Solutions and Automation Leader, ANZ Mark Shivers, Managing Director, Robotics Process Automation, BNY Mellon Jennifer Valenti, Vice President Client Strategy and Transformation, WorkFusion
Robotics Process Automation is top of the agenda for digitally progressive organisations as they seek further automation to drive performance and reduce costs in key areas. The benefit in the reduction of time and efforts in manual tasks is well known but working with department heads and teams to build culture and skillset for successful deployment is a journey Pick the brains of our expert panellist to get their advice and guidance for a successful implementation.
  • How RPA is transforming the transaction processing landscape
  • Where are businesses seeing success in the deployment of robotics?
  • How is success being measured?
  • Shaping the team and behaviours to deliver the program


Huw Pattinson

Business Solutions and Automation Leader

Mark Shivers

Managing Director, Robotics Process Automation
BNY Mellon

Jennifer Valenti

Vice President Client Strategy and Transformation

Track C
Innovation in OPEX

1:00 PM - 1:40 PM Transforming loan originations through strategy, people, process, technology and data

Tina Dinger, Vice President Process Improvement & Program Management, Northwest Bank
This session will detail a case study of Northwest Bank’s Mortgage Lending Process Improvement Project and how the business mapped out and met its objectives.
  • Aligning corporate strategy and operational excellence - a top-down, bottom up approach
  • Reinventing the team - restructure, retrain, retool and relocate
  • Optimizing and leverage technology to improve processes and customer experience
  • Baselines & scorecards – establishing baselines and scorecards to support continues improvement


Tina Dinger

Vice President Process Improvement & Program Management
Northwest Bank

Track D
OPEX, Data, Analytics

1:20 PM - 2:00 PM How process experts can leverage Big Data capabilities to deliver quantifiable results and impact the bottom line

Jennifer Kessler, Project Manager, Vanguard
Responsible for driving a big data project at Vanguard, Jennifer will discuss how to break down barriers when it comes to leveraging new opportunities across the business, and importantly, how to get the team to think in a new way to maximise on new capabilities.
  • Why OPEX should be leading the analytics agenda
  • Breaking down barriers and changing the mindset to think about using data in a way it has never been used before
  • Creating the right framework for the team to work in
  • How to capture and deliver measurable results through the use of Big Data and advanced analytics
  • Big Data to design experiments


Jennifer Kessler

Project Manager

1:40 PM - 1:45 PM Changeover

Track A
Customer excellence

1:45 PM - 2:15 PM Discover how to revolutionize onboarding

Mohamed Elkholy, Technical Specialist , K2
Your client on-boarding process is the first experience your new client gets of the real service offered by your organization and it also represents the best opportunity to minimize the cost of meeting ever changing regulatory demands for the likes of KYC and AML. Delivering a seamless service is paramount to driving a customer excellence experience. Join this session to learn:
  • How to provide improved service to customers and employees by enabling more effective delivery and support of the products and services offered
  • Integrating an agile process application platform into existing core systems
  • Building applications that plug functional gaps, extend across business silos - are easy to update and change without intensive IT efforts


Mohamed Elkholy

Technical Specialist
Track B
Robotics Process Automation

1:45 PM - 2:15 PM Integrating cognitive capability into RPA for greater automation capabilities

The ability to supercharge output by injecting RPA with cognitive computing power is one trend being employed by highly progressive organizations. This session will explore how RPA can be combined with machine learning and speech recognition to automate high-order tasks that historically have needed the perception and judgement capabilities of humans.
  • Taking automation to the next level – what technology exists?
  • Shaping a maturity model all the way from manual to cognitive
  • How firms are integrating cognitive into their project portfolio
  • Taping into cognitive capabilities – identifying pockets within the business for use cases for AI
  • Understanding the new risks and new governance structures to be embedded in line with advanced technology

Session reserved

Track C
Innovation in OPEX

1:45 PM - 2:15 PM Harnessing cutting-edge technology to reduce the operational burden of regulatory compliance

Gero Decker, Chief Executive Officer, Signavio
For years, financial services have struggled to implement compliance programs that are usable and flexible enough to reflect the shifting regulatory landscape. The combination of business decision and process management offers a solution to this challenge, enabling organizations to turn dense regulation into a clear, traceable output. This session will explore how you can use the latest technology to create a compliance program that is not simply a cost burden, but a highly profitable investment.
  • The components of a modern compliance program
  • Decision Management Notation as a common language uniting compliance experts with everyday business users
  • Addressing the time pressures of new regulation
  • Automation to improve transparency and oversight, speed and accuracy in analysis and reporting
  • Handling and interpreting vast quantities of data


Gero Decker

Chief Executive Officer
Track D
OPEX, Data, Analytics

1:45 PM - 2:15 PM Automating handling of customer data: There has to be a better way

Financial service firms are awash in customer data. Every loan application has a myriad of documents to be completed, signed and returned. In this digital era, consumers are able to electronically print, sign, photograph and send documents back to the bank. Financial institutions are being bombarded with these unlabeled images which require human intervention; and managing these documents and images is nearly impossible. While digital transformation is taking hold on the front end of the process, most organizations need to have a more strategic approach to automate the backend manual processes.

  • Automate handling of scanned/photographed content
  • Avoid manual re-keying of data 90%+ of the time
  • Utilize search & content management to automate business processes
  • Case studies from financial institutions
  • Other applications outside of loan origination

2:15 PM - 2:45 PM Networking refreshment break in the exhibition hall

Interactive Discussion Groups
OPEX Strategy, Technology & Transformation: Practitioner Only

2:45 PM - 4:15 PM IDG A: Transforming stakeholder engagement across the business

Adam Storch, Vice President Business Solutions, Micro Strategies
  • Best practice in communication, buy-in and engagement with the Board and key stakeholders
  • Instilling a continued cultural acceptance of process improvement

Adam Storch

Vice President Business Solutions
Micro Strategies

2:45 PM - 4:15 PM IDG B: Implementing a design thinking framework to foster innovation

Alan Hester, Senior Vice President, Service Excellence, Freedom Mortgage
  • The OPEX tools and technology to support solution focused thinking
  • Design thinking concepts around innovation and transformation


Alan Hester

Senior Vice President, Service Excellence
Freedom Mortgage

2:45 PM - 4:15 PM IDG C: Enhancing innovation through strategy, people and process

Tina Dinger, Vice President Process Improvement & Program Management, Northwest Bank
  • How can OPEX set the framework to encourage and drive innovation?
  • Supporting the organization operationally through change


Tina Dinger

Vice President Process Improvement & Program Management
Northwest Bank

2:45 PM - 4:15 PM IDG D: Planning and leading an end-to-end process transformation

Vic Alexanian, Director, Business Improvement, CME Group
  • Providing the leadership and support needed to ensure successful implementations
  • Educating management on delivering an end-to-end process – not line of business specific


Vic Alexanian

Director, Business Improvement
CME Group

2:45 PM - 4:15 PM IDG E: Value stream mapping to improve performance

  • Real-life applications of value stream mapping in financial services
  • How firms are applying the tools to improve performance

2:45 PM - 4:15 PM IDG G: High impact metrics to optimise measurement, management and oversight of regulatory compliance

  • Determining the right metrics needed to govern key areas
  • Building out operational KPIs and benchmarks for improvement

2:45 PM - 4:15 PM IDG J: Deploying BPM and RPA within the architecture of the business

Mitchell Kaufman, Program Director and Operational and Continuous Improvement Leader, Société Générale
  • Discovering unique uses of BPM and RPA in unique combinations to solve problems
  • How to combine products for maximum efficiency and effectiveness


Mitchell Kaufman

Program Director and Operational and Continuous Improvement Leader
Société Générale

2:45 PM - 4:15 PM IDG K: Using data insights and business intelligence to increase operational performance

Lena Calatrava, Vice President, Business Transformation Manager, EverBank
  • Connecting operational and strategic data to allow insight-driven, decision-making
  • How complex decision-making in rapid time is driving growth and supporting corporate strategy


Lena Calatrava

Vice President, Business Transformation Manager

2:45 PM - 4:15 PM IDG L: Managing risks by understanding impacts at the process level

James Berrocales, Consultant, IGrafx Shelley Au, Administrative Vice President, M&T Bank
  • Aligning process owners around risk information
  • Mitigating risk based on specific processes

James Berrocales


Shelley Au

Administrative Vice President
M&T Bank

2:45 PM - 4:15 PM IDG M: Gain deeper customer insight using Voice of the Customer (VoC) application

  • Data capture around VoC and the role of operational excellence in marketing and customer insight
  • Optimizing digital to improve speed to market and execution

2:45 PM - 4:15 PM IDG N: Harnessing next generation BPM for intelligent business operations

Lenny Bromberg, Smarter Process Sales Leader, Financial Services, North America, IBM
  • Building greater execution across complex processes and operations through operational intelligence platforms
  • Understanding real-time and 360-degree modelling capabilities

Lenny Bromberg

Smarter Process Sales Leader, Financial Services, North America

2:45 PM - 4:15 PM IDG 0: Taking an Agile approach to business transformation

Dietrich Fisher, Director Business, Transformation and Process Strategy, BBVA Compass , Director Business, Transformation and Process Strategy, BBVA Compass
  • Finding an approach which is right for your business
  • How firms are successfully adopting Agile into their OPEX programs


Dietrich Fisher, Director Business, Transformation and Process Strategy, BBVA Compass

Director Business, Transformation and Process Strategy
BBVA Compass

4:15 PM - 4:25 PM 10 minute power up in the exhibition hall


4:25 PM - 5:00 PM Case Study : Establishing Business Architecture as a Business Capability Model to drive transformation

Siddesh is member of the IT Strategy and Business Architecture team at Credit Suisse, New York, supporting the Enterprise Design Board; resolving enterprise design issues, optimizing /rationalizing IT spend and measuring progress towards the Target State. In this session Siddesh will share the Credit Suisse’ Business Architecture model as a mature Business Capability Model and how it is used to define design governance models/processes and advance the Business Architecture practice at Credit Suisse.
  • Designing an approach to reducing business and technology complexity
  • Understand how Business Architecture acts as the bridge between strategy and execution
  • Enabling the team to drive transformation towards the target state
  • The value proposition for Business Architecture as a driver for new initiatives and innovation

5:00 PM - NaN:NaN AM RPA case study hosted by Automation Anywhere

5:30 PM - 6:00 PM Change Management Spotlight : Flight attendant guide to changing an engine in-flight

Narayana Bandhi, Managing Director of Performance Excellence, BNY Mellon
As the business moves towards robotics and automation as a solution, BNY Mellon is rethinking the internal skillset required to lead, drive and support this change. Narayana will compare and contrast the changing role of the traditional Black Belt as he refocuses his team on new skills, a new way of working and a shift in mindset and behavior to a more business analyst approach.

  • Make your staff part of your change agenda
  • Continuous process improvement means continually improving our people and process for change
  • Make your Black Belts relevant in driving today’s agenda for change and smart automation
  • Explore what’s working and not working at Bank of New York Mellon to upskill our people to stay ahead of tomorrow’s technology

Narayana Bandhi

Managing Director of Performance Excellence
BNY Mellon

6:00 PM - 6:20 PM Using all virtual blended learning to accelerate culture change

Rob Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, OpusWorks
Brief Description: Based upon an assessment of PI Culture – Is/Is Not, Barriers, What has Worked, Key Nuggets – a hypothetical team plans to (i) create a core PI capability across the enterprise, and (ii) purposefully move toward the desired end state. The objectives are to engage everyone, scale rapidly, deliver a common experience, build a series of wins, and create internal raving fans.
The team wants to rollout via an All-Virtual Blended Learning (Training, Communications, Execution) model. This session will explore how the team can be successful.

Key takeaways
  • Assess your PI Culture through the lens of roundtable input from your peers
  • Consider new strategies for accelerating your PI Culture
  • Learn new approaches for developing PI capability and delivering results
  • Learn how to deploy All-Virtual Blended Learning, effectively
  • Assess if/how All-Virtual Blended Learning can apply to your PI Culture

Rob Stewart

Chief Executive Officer


Jon Theuerkauf

Managing Director and Head of Performance Excellence
BNY Mellon

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM PEX PARTY! Enjoy Pex-Tini’s, beer and wine as you Party with PEX and your fellow attendees!