Workshop Day

7:30 AM Workshop registration and coffee


8:30 AM Utilizing Workflow and Content Automation (WCA) to optimize your business processes and decisions

Brad Orluk, Technical Evangelist and Automation Specialist, Nintex
WCA helps you improve efficiency, productivity, time-to-value, and customer relationships, leading ultimately to higher revenues and margins.
Workflow and Content Automation (WCA) is an emerging solution category that consolidates workflow automation and document generation. WCA solutions are fast, easy to deploy, and easy to modify in order to achieve continuous process improvement.
Leaders in operational excellence are discovering the value of WCA to continuously tune the methods, policies, practices, and tools that are strategic to their enterprises. This workshop will give you actionable steps and tools to help you achieve concrete business benefits:
  • Improve efficiency and productivity through process discovery and workflow automation
  • Use business intelligence to improve and accelerate business decision-making
  • Achieve greater business agility by enabling continuous process improvement

Brad Orluk

Technical Evangelist and Automation Specialist

8:30 AM OPEX role in fostering a culture of customer-centricity across the business to drive loyalty, retention and market share

Today’s customer has greater choice and access to more information through multiple channels than ever before. Financial Services firms need to explore new methods to keep a competitive edge in customer experience and ensure loyalty and retention. Understanding today’s consumer and what’s driving them to interact with financial institutions through particular methods is central to the focus of this workshop. Further tapping into expectations and finding new, improved ways to interact and engage will be discussed in detail. The workshop will explore:

  • Profiling the consumer of today through case studies and practical examples
  • Working with a customer-first mindset: redesigning process and methodology to drive customer engagement and loyalty
  • Aligning internal processes with customer journey mapping and business intelligence tools to maximize results
  • Embedding team members’ behaviours to promote desired customer outcomes and deliver a consistent experience
  • Digitizing the customer experience through fully automated process

10:00 AM Morning coffee break


10:30 AM Applying RPA to a digital platform to achieve Operational Excellence and true transformation

Processes are typically designed to be run by humans and with almost 60% of processes still being fed by paper today, you can't just apply Robotic Process Automation without identifying what feeds into that process and how this data is to be used. To apply RPA to a process for maximum return, first you must digitize what feeds into the process. A digital platform provides the input to an optimized RPA process that returns trusted and verified data back to the platform for advanced processing. It’s just not good enough to get the data, but it’s what you do with that data that makes a process hum and provide all the downstream benefits.
In this workshop, we will explore real world examples of how a digital platform combined with RPA transformed not only back-office operations but front and middle office as well. Hear from a current user of RPA on how they have transformed their processes and achieved maximum return. We will build live robots to showcase the possibilities of applying this red hot technology. We’ll even take input and suggestions from the audience to demonstrate the ease and power in real world scenarios.
Please join us for this highly interactive, informative and empowering workshop to enable your organization to harness the power of a digital platform and robotic process automation in your digital transformation initiatives.

4 takeaway points for the workshop:
  • What use cases are best to target and which ones you should avoid
  • Moving RPA from tactical to a strategic corporate priority
  • Building a Center of Excellence that provides a foundation for RPA
  • The road ahead – Plotting your RPA path to future automation


10:30 AM Safeguarding your business from risk through a heightened operational excellence program

Financial services is subject to increasing risk and pressures from a volatile global and political environment, new market entrants, changing technology, governance, data security and regulatory demands. The requirement to maximize governance and risk management across all business lines is central to the operational excellence toolkit. Finding new methods and processes to excel in a heightened risk environment is an ongoing priority. This workshop will analyze:
· How the heightened risk environment directly impacts achieving operational excellence
· Aligning risk objectives with operational excellence goals
· How to embed risk management into the design of products and services to reduce cost and exposure
· Designing an operational-excellence driven infrastructure for identifying, quantifying and mitigating risk

12:00 PM Networking lunch


1:00 PM Deep dive into Big Data: leveraging advanced analytics for real-time, results-driven decision making

The advantages and benefits of Big Data usage ware well reported. Finding organizations who are effectively integrating advanced analytics and bid gate into key parts of the business are less visible. Huge steps have been taken to capitalize on the value of both structured and unstructured data – how to capture, how to interpret and importantly how to make results-driven decisions are key areas where businesses still require leadership and guidance. Join this workshop to examine:

The value of business intelligence and big data and why OPEX should be leading the charge
Case examples of innovative uses of advanced analytics
Making effective analytics happen within your organization
Adopting a culture of data and analytics strategy within the business


1:00 PM Delivering superior VoC results to achieve competitive advantage

Financial institutions are now achieving competitive advantage by effectively using customer insight and feedback as a method of competitive intelligence to drive improvement. This concept is not new but the rise in achieving actual tangible results and using VoC as a tool to beat the competition has reached new heights. So how are these firm using customer feedback to drive change among their many business units? This workshop will explore the wins and the role of operational excellence in working with business heads to determine what type of customer data will help revolutionize departments and what insights are needed to make a bigger impact.

What Is VoC?
Identifying the value of VoC for improvement in operations, call centres, product development
VoC methodology to gain deeper and more impactful insight
Working with key heads to create and establish tasks for VoC teams
The role of operational excellent in steering the business towards customer experience maturity through VoC

2:30 PM Afternoon coffee break


3:00 PM Digital transformation – evolving the business and workforce through automation and change

As the world changes, financial services are evolving to keep pace with market disruptors and changing consumer habits and behaviours. In order to compete on cost, speed and flexibility to win market share, organizations are going digital. Building an OPEX program to support and further digital throughout the business is one of the key learnings form this workshop. You will learn:

Why operational excellence should be driving the digital transformation agenda
Building the case within the business
High impact processes, tools and methodologies to enable the digital enterprise
Identifying areas that are ripe for automation
Leadership and managing digital transformation change


3:00 PM Embedding innovation and a culture of continuous improvement at both operational and strategic level to drive business performance

Innovation and a culture of continuous improvement play key roles in the future progression and enhancement of business performance. Embedding a culture where innovation has an opportunity to thrive and where a workforce strives to perfect its mindset and behaviours, will only support and allow the business to grow.

This workshop will discuss:
Lean and Agile to save on back and front office processes
Embedding productivity, efficiency and effectiveness across the business
The toolkit to deliver a continuous improvement culture
Allowing room for innovation and creation while simultaneously driving operational excellence

4:30 PM Close of workshop day