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The biggest gathering of OPEX professionals from financial institutions, the most progressive program and the leading event covering all aspects of delivering operational excellence thought-leadership for your business.

Download the agenda

  • 80+ financial services industry expert speakers from companies like Citi, BNY Mellon, Bank of America, AIG and more
  • 50+ market-specific sessions focused on addressing the critical challenges and opportunities of 150+ financial services attendees
  • 15+ interactive discussion groups to enable more extensive peer-to-peer networking whilst deep diving into your most critical business issues
  • 1 forward-thinking RPA and AI focus day designed to address how progressive financial institutions are engaging next generation technologies within their OPEX strategy


Blended toolkit – Why fluidity and a customized approach are best for process excellence

Derek Miers, Principle Consultant at Forrester Research explains why a blended, more customized approach to process excellence will provide more agility and a greater level of success to businesses than a rigid approach to a single discipline.

The best of both worlds: Integrating large organizations, processes and cultures

How do you roll out broad, sweeping changes without encountering massive resistance? How do you ensure that during such a large transition, the company remains steadfast in its goals and quality of service?

Ahead of Operational Excellence Financial Services New York in March, PEX Network Editor, Craig Sharp speaks to John Martino, Executive Director of Operational Excellence and Integration at Aetna about their recent acquisition of a large healthcare provider, and how they go about integrating 14,000 people into their organization, their processes and their culture.

Operational Excellence in Financial Services 2017 Show Report

Powered by the PEX Network, all the speakers, attendees, and sponsors at the Performance Excellence summit over three days made plans on how to strategize, execute and deliver operational excellence, improvement change to the financial services sector.  

With talking points centred around the theme of operational excellence, architecture and technology innovation, presenters from the diverse range of companies including Wells Fargo, BNY Mellon, Mastercard, Bank of America, ANZ, Credit Suisse, Northwest Bank, Vanguard and many more worked with the attendees to inspire them, plan with them, challenge them and support them to deliver the next generation of operational excellence

Download the Show Report to see the to see the key themes and learning that came from Operational Excellence Financial Services Summit 2017 and what to look forward to in 2018.


5 Tips to Get Your OPEX Program on the Fast Lane to Strategy

A handy eBook discussing 5 tips to get your OPEX strategy aligned and delivering a healthy ROI.

Key takeaways include:

•    How to retain and attract new customers in order to grow
•    The best methodologies to use to ensure you follow through on OPEX plans
•    How to support business managers to take on ownership of process improvement

PEX Network’s State of the Industry - Operational Excellence in Financial Services Benchmarking Report 2017

In the face of a rapidly competitive and uncertain global economic environment, the PEX Network conducted a survey with senior financial services executives in the process space to understand their key challenges, priorities and strategies for 2017. The survey was completed by senior executives within the financial services industry in November 2016 and looked at:

  • The top challenges for operational excellence in financial services
  • Trends in operational excellence • Projected staffing and resourcing for OpEx projects the year ahead
  • Key spend areas for technologies in 2017

In this benchmarking report we present the results of the survey, along with leading commentary and insight from 5 key financial services experts.

Robotic Process Automation – Beyond the Hype

Ahead of the 11th Annual Operational Excellence in Financial Services Summit, we caught up with key speaker Huw Pattinson, Business Solutions and Automation Leader, ANZ. In this exclusive interview, Pattinson speaks to the PEX Network about where the most potential for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) exists in a process landscape, and how RPA initiatives will be able to absorb changes in process technology platforms.

2017 Attendee List

Discover who is already attending Operational Excellence in Financial Services....

Operational Excellence in Financial Services – Speaker Industry Insight

Over the last decade we have witnessed dramatic technological change impacting business on all levels. The challenge for every financial institution is keeping a pace of that change and selecting the right technologies to improve their operational effectiveness. The level and complexity of the tools now available require employees to take on skills that were never part of their particular job function. From advanced data and analytic tools to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) these digital disrupters are remaking today’s business landscape, but what are trends that will have the greatest impact on the process landscape in the foreseeable future? And what is the main operational challenge for the financial industry in the year ahead?

Ahead of the 11th Annual Operational Excellence in Financial Services Summit, the PEX Network has complied the insights of 7 key experts in financial services to provide an outlook on the emerging technologies and trends they think will have the greatest impact in 2017. Download Operational Excellence in Financial Services – Speaker Industry Insight today!

Money Talks: Interview with Paymency's CEO

We chat to Gary Lewis Evans, CEO at Paymency, about the challenges and opportunities in emerging FS technologies. Gary will be speaking at OPEX FS in March 2018 about cultures, technology and process relating to his FS journey.

Read on to find out:

  • How a new type of bank is required in the future, one less regulated and online, and what this will mean for traditional institutions.
  • Why digital banking is a certainty and how consumers benefit from this.
  • How Gary’s company Paymency works internally and how it is planning to revolutionize how people select financial services.


THE Financial Services Operational Excellence Heat Map

Financial services are undergoing rapid digital transformation, emerging technologies such as Blockchain and Robotic Process Automation present great challenges and opportunities for the industry. Coupled with an environment of low interest rates and increasing regulation, the need for better cost efficiency and compliance has never been greater.

Ahead of the Operational Excellence in Financial Services Summit in March 2017, the PEX Network have put together this exclusive heat map, which reveals the current state of operational excellence in financial services and the investments and trends that will drive the industry forward. With independent data gathered from research interviews and our PEX Network State of the Industry – Operational Excellence in FS Survey, this infographic provides a snapshot of the key priorities and areas of investment for Process Improvement and Operational Excellence programs in 2017 and beyond.

Download the infographic today and find out:

  • The biggest challenges in Operational Excellence talent management
  • The investment opportunities and trends driving Operational Excellence in financial services
  • Which technologies will be employed in 2017


OPEX in Financial Services - Meet Vartul Mittal

Vartul Mittal, Business Transformation and RPA Leader, Financial Services, will be speaking at the 11th Annual Operational Excellence in Financial Services, taking place March 2017. We took a minute to call Vartul ahead of the event to find out more about him and what he hopes to bring to the summit.


Establishing a Quality Service Delivery Model at Canada's TD (Transcript)

How can you engineer a shift to get people to start thinking about the bigger - end to end - process?

In this PEX Network interview, Leslie Behnke, VP Process Improvement and Service Quality at TD, tells of the journey to end to end thinking at the banking group. She explains how she has implemented a Quality Delivery Model focusing on speed, accuracy, cost and risk avoidance and talks about the cultural shift required.


Operational Excellence in Financial Services Business Development Pack

Many companies are investing heavily in providers that can help them transform and improve their operations. If you think you've got what it takes to help these practitioners drive strategic value through Process Excellence, Business Transformation Automation and more, then download this prospectus to get to know more about the OpEx in Financial Services and your potential clients...