StereoLOGIC’s Process Analytics TM allows operational managers to solve most complex analysis tasks that traditionally are performed manually, such as Customer Service Acceleration and Operating Cost Savings.    

StereoLOGIC saves companies up to 50% of time and FTE cost, in less than 3 months, by optimization of the processes performed by employees every day and removing errors and delays.

Practically in Real Time, StereoLOGIC provides precise reports about what your employees are actually doing, how much time they are spending on different activities and where they are having delays and inefficiencies. You will also receive your business process documentation with time metrics and SOP.

StereoLOGIC has helped dozens of Banks, Insurance, and Telecom companies to understand and improve their AS-IS business processes before RPA and Transformation and rapidly stabilize the processes after. 

StereoLOGIC is a Gartner Cool Vendor. StereoLOGIC’s Client Pitney Bowes has won the Process Excellence Award for “The Best Process Improvement Project under 90 days”.

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