Operational Excellence in Financial Services Strategy Report 2018

Operational Excellence in Financial Services Strategy Report 2018

PEX Network conducted a survey in November 2017 with senior financial services executives to understand the key challenges, priorities and spend areas for 2018 and beyond.

Download the 2018 Benchmarking Report to see the results of the survey, along with leading commentary and insight from key financial services experts.

Key findings of this exclusive report include:

>> Over 50% of respondents’ said that change management and culture where there biggest challenge within process excellence

>> 33% revealed cost saving was their primary measure of success for OpEx programs

>> 69% consider their organization to be immature in harnessing digital and automation

>> The technologies that respondents are planning to adopt in the next 18 months are business process management suites (BPM), business dashboards and machine learning

Read the Opex in Financial Services Strategy Report now to access the full information on trends, challenges, priorities and more information on Operational Excellence in Financial Services.

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